Be sure that you’re making your writing very clear and easy to follow to understand from piece to piece will only help you because you never know what piece of the application you know your reviewers are going to consider first or look at first you know when there are serving on the selection committees they may read your secondary first who knows or they may read they may have a process that they prefer to read am cast application first always but each person is completely different in the way that they approach evaluating applications so you really want to make sure that you don’t assume that somebody has information and you don’t miss any opportunities to to make yourself shine as an applicant now at the same time well you certainly want each SAR written piece to stand on its own as a coherent piece they have to be aware that there’s a distinct possibility that the person reviewing their secondary just reviewed their primary. Find out more about writing coherence onĀ Robotdon.

So the secondary is supposed to complement and build on the primary right well you don’t again you never want to cut and paste right right yeah if you never want anything to look exactly the same so you’ll want to cover from a different angle but sometimes it’s impossible not to cover right the same activities or reference you know something that you already covered in the MCAT application so you do want it to to flow together strategically but you don’t want to make it impossible you know for them if they’re reading a secondary essay to connect it to the rest of your application okay now Lauren asks let’s move Lauren asks should I go over the word limit when I really have when I know I want to include more info about myself our horton does the word of the minute yes it’s another way to I would I don’t recommend going beyond the word limit often that’s seen as a red flag because they do have limited time in reviewing you know thousands of these applications it’s an enormous effort to get so many people to you to review these applications and to get through so many.

So it’s really respectful of you to stay within that character award limit it demonstrates a lot of respect and it’s often harder to write shorter essays and they know that so for you to take the time to do that you know it demonstrates your interest in their school great akuti asks how do you how do your essay editing services work do you charge per secondary essay and no this is not a plant this is a real question should I take that where you want to take it okay we have two approaches to helping you with your secondary essays I’m going to give a real short answer and also you know you can go to the page it’s on the screen after the webinar is over and look at them look at the services more closely but the two approaches are basically a flat-rate service for either one specific essay or for eight essays is one package and then the other is hourly fee services and you pay less per hour the more hours that you buy so that’s that’s it in a nutshell.