One way to think about the essay is that nothing stands alone so this is not just there by itself neither is this or this or this nor the conclusion right it is all working together simultaneously okay alright I’m going to give you something that I think an image that will help you understand the concept of coherence alright and how everything should be tied together and then it’s your duty to tie things together okay so okay now you may not understand at all what’s on the board okay all right um it looks like just a bunch of dots to you okay oh but I think it’s a masterpiece I think each one of these is a genius idea but I have not connected the dots for you and therefore you can’t see the picture you can’t appreciate the picture it is my duty as a writer to connect the dots for you okay and so this is the picture that I wanted you to see this is how much of a genius artist I am see Hey right okay this is it this is the picture that I wanted to see but you could not appreciate that picture.

When the dots were not connected no here if I do not have coherence your reader is seeing this they may say well interesting idea but I don’t understand how that idea connects to this it is your job to connect the dots together let’s move on to the next and most important part of essay writing the development development this is the proof this is the evidence okay there are various ways to prove your ideas in an essay you can give facts you can give statistics you can give a comparison and contrast show a cause and effect you can give an analogy something is like something else you can if it’s relevant give a narrative okay or narration as a tool to develop and help prove your point okay so there are a variety of ways to prove your ideas now what is a way how are you going to since this is the most important part of essay writing how do you get good at development must-read challenge yourself to read intellectual works get involved in intellectual activities.

Then you will see how other people who are thinkers like yourself prove their ideas also reading you’ll be able to model hopefully the way that very good writers prove and develop their ideas let’s move on to the next one sigh okay every writer has their own certain style we’re talking now not about creative writing style or a purple prose poetic style we’re talking about academic essay style all right so part of that is that you are in a school of scholars all right so you must understand that you’re going to be expected to have a university level style how can you promote your university level style choose words that are concise and that are best representative for your ideas I’m not asking you or telling you to sound super intellectual no that’s not it do something that shows who you are and who you want to be as a scholar.