Travels leadership activities volunteer service and coach experiences all that into one essay is going to be a barbel less than ethic not become operate so again these are all suggestions for you so you know take the time to look at those they can give you ideas but it’s not certainly not something that you have to use they can be yourself we want to see who you are in this essay we don’t want to see that you are you know your robot and I also don’t want you to be lying and what I want to see who you are and why you’re gonna be a great person I’ll keep in mind the purpose of statement do not include extraneous material tell a story here find your angle your niche when you’re telling the story draw conclusions about the value of your experiences do not just recount activities. Find out how to present your experiences at Edusson.

Use examples whenever possible your opening paragraph is gonna be very important as I said something we certainly want you to concentrate on do not want you to mention grades or testing scores I don’t want to hear about you know your SAT scores cuz I’m gonna have that anyway I don’t want to see your GPA or you know you know how you you know your grades were in school cuz you’re gonna be saying that in anyway so I don’t need you to mention that here do not repeat information given elsewhere in the application you know like like your name and where you’re from I’m gonna see that anyway don’t get too emotional or too broad or too technical if you’re really into something like say internet technology and HTML and you start getting into all these technical things that are going on here that I have no idea what you’re talking about it’s gonna make that s really difficult for me to read and understand.

It’s gonna be very tough for me to follow try to use contradictions or be too casual you don’t want to be using flying through Roger I say you want to really you know be using you know your standard your an appropriate and professional writing do not focus on that adversity instead focus on your reaction to it I’m gonna want to avoid controversy an essay and this is something that’s very true you know when it comes to a topic you know going on in the world depending on your view as well as the view of the person reading it if you have very stark contrasted views it could make their leader you know feel that you know just put their own personal bias and so you want to avoid that and also avoid being repetitive or contradictory some just quick things you want to mention or I want to mention you know when you’re going through this just to make sure that you’re really hitting all the technical requirements cross on anything as irrelevant the main points of the essay.