The focus of early childhood education focuses on teaching children by having them play.  This type of learning focuses on children between the ages of three and six years old.  Early childhood education is also referred to as early childhood learning, early care, or early education.  It is taught in preschool and kindergarten classes.  Some people mistake daycare as a form of childhood education.  However, day care programs do not focus on education and serve mainly as a babysitting option.  Many child care centers are beginning to incorporate some early childhood education methods into their programs to encourage more learning.

Those that do research on early childhood education believe that a child’s parents play a major part in the education process.  A child begins to understand their own identity in the first two years of their life.  The first stages of learning should take place in the home with parents as teachers.  Once a child begins to understand a little bit about how they function and in how others function in relation to them, they can begin to proceed further in the learning process.  This is where professional early childhood educators come into play.  Early childhood education should be taken seriously as the first few years of a child’s life could play a big part in the type of person they turn out to be.  If a child does not receive the proper care and education they need, it could affect them for years to come.  They could suffer from developmental deficits if they are not given the proper amount of attention and affection at an early age.

If you would like to learn more about early childhood education programs available online, check with your local colleges to see what they have to offer.  Most accredited universities offer online programs in this field, so it will probably just be a matter of which school you want to take your online degree through.